Richard Worth rworth at oda.state.or.us
Mon Jan 28 16:49:57 EST 2002

Hi May,
Even if it does attract some, the damage it has caused far outweighs 
any benefit; dubbed "the plant that ate the south" as you likely 
already know.  It chokes out and grows over everything near it. 
Please don't plant it anywhere, plant natives instead.  I understand 
the root can reach to several feet across and be around 400 lbs.  We 
recently found Kudzu here in western Oregon in the last few years, 
the first occurence west of Texas.  We've had three (luckily small) 
sites, all have been treated.  They are watched every year for 

Cheers, Rich

>I don't have any kudzu growing in my neighborhood, but it's taken up on
>hwy 231 by the railroad track.  Does anyone know if it is useful for
>attracting butterflies in any way?
>Bayou George, FL

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