burro at panama.gulf.net burro at panama.gulf.net
Mon Jan 28 20:27:02 EST 2002

Lepsters -

Didn't mean to give anyone heart failure re kudzu.  I know where big
chunks of Alabama are missing, probably suffocated the people in the
houses, too.
Science fiction stuff - if only people tended goats - who love it.

I was just curious about what you all knew.  I've seen it in bloom -
reminds me of alfalfa flowers.

(My husband is off to the lower Keys for a fishing trip next month, and
I am instructing him to be on the lookout for Miami blues in the balloon
vine, which
he recognizes, and knows several places in which it grows.)

He said it's all around Parcher's Resort.  If you're in the
neighborhood, it might be worth a trip.



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