killing butterflies for fun???

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Wed Jul 3 18:27:00 EDT 2002

John, no offense taken. 'Joseph Sugar' made the same argument when
someone pointed out to 'him' that 'he' kills bugs when 'he' drives 'his'
own car. 'His' response was that it cannot be avoided in the normal
routine of everyday living (or something like that), and this is
different than killing bugs for fun. While one can hold this opinion,
the next question then becomes, what if a bug was killed by unlawfully
going over the speed limit? 

I am poking holes in 'Joseph's' position just for the fun of it. 'He' is
gone, I hope. I had wanted to make this point before, but there was not
a good opportunity to do so until Paul resurrected this thread again. It
is a picayune point, as you state, but it is humorous to me.

jh wrote:
> Stan - I don't mean to come down on you - this might seem like a rant over a
> picayune point - but I guess I read this driving thing just one too many
> times.
> John Himmelman


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