killing butterflies for fun???

Ryan rvandermoor at
Thu Jul 4 03:54:46 EDT 2002

These kind of posts drive me nuts... humans have been around for hundreds of
years... and at some point in our timeline im sure all of our ancestors ate
meat. our teeth are those of an omnivore. if you want to be a vegetarian,
vegan, fruitarian (only eat fruit that has fallen from a tree and has not
been picked) or anything else that is your right, do it.. please... but
don't tell the rest of us we are wrong for eating meat, and we wont tell you
that you are wrong for not eating it.

fishing, hunting, collecting etc is a perfectly acceptable and natural thing
to do. I don't care if your hitting bugs with your car or stalking them and
displaying them on pins in a case... if you have a problem the death of an
insect change your life to avoid it... but don't try to change others...

and most importantly!!!!! if you cannot tell when to draw the line between
"killing" things i.e.. a bug, or fish, vs.. a person, then you have problems
and need help... you are psychologically sick, and should be locked up and
treated. It is not movies, or video games that warp children's minds into
killing classmates etc... nor is it the fact that their parents watched
lovingly at them fish as a child... what percentage of our population
actively participates in fishing, hunting, video games, and violent movies
and still knows the difference between right and wrong?...

I suggest that if you wish to pursue this matter any further, or any topic
similar to it, then you create your own listserve, and invite us to join
it... if we wish to participate we will join in... and argue to our hearts
content there... but please... leave this greatly appreciated listserve
dedicated to leps, their id, taxonomy, life history, distribution, etc, and
not to wether you think we are just in our ways or not.

a very frustrated and annoyed lepster.

Ryan Vandermoor
Vancouver, Canada
rvandermoor at


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