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Woody Woods woody.woods at
Mon Jul 8 01:36:40 EDT 2002

For thirteen years now I have been driving a 1989 Plymouth Reliant and have
maintained it in near showroom condition for 206,000 miles. I have been
surprised how few bugs end up plastered to the windshield compared with
other cars I have driven. Remember, this car was styled in sheer defiance of
everything we know about aerodynamics-- a modern Model T-- possibly
explaining why small flying things are, with rare exceptions, tossed up in
the air and over the roof. I have looked in the rearview mirror on these
occasions when possible, and they don't seem to be sucked down behind the

Or, maybe my car is just slower than a speeding insect!

Am I on to something? Are Reliants the answer? (I suppose the best answer
would be to leave even the Reliant parked; I do not seem to collect insects
on my glasses when on foot.)


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