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Robert J. Nuelle, Jr. rnuelle at houston.rr.com
Mon Jul 8 08:39:00 EDT 2002

Dear Bfly Geniuses:

Last week we were spreading some Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, to complete our
series for our new Cornell Drawers. We opened up a bunch of local caught
specimens from last summer. We started spreading. When we took them off the
boards my son remarked that one of the Tigers had no blue coloration on it
at all. I looked at it and he is right. It is yellow and black but the
typical blue highlights are missing on the hindwings.

3 questions:

1]  Does the Blue fade with age?

2]  Is this just within the range of normal coloration?

3]  Is this something strange or a bizarre butterfly that is blue

I have posted a picture below.


Thanks in advance


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