July Update to Ottawa Moths

Lynn Scott lynnscott at heiconsulting.com
Tue Jul 9 17:43:24 EDT 2002

Another update has now been posted at 
http://www.heiconsulting.com/dls/mothindex.html, where over 300 species of 
moth occurring in the area of Ottawa, Canada are now illustrated.

The following species have been added:
Pyralidae: 4751 Munroessa gyralis, 4759 Parapoynx maculalis, 4789 Metrea 
ostreonalis, 4935 Saucrobotys fumoferalis, 4945 Crocidophora tuberculalis

Geometridae: 6261 Heliomata cycladata, 6330 Semiothisa ulsterata, 6342 
Semiothisa bisignata, 6431 Hesperumia sulphuraria, 6570 Aethalura 
intertexta, 6729 Euchlaena johnsonaria, 6734 Euchlaena marginaria, 6740 
Xanthotype urticaria, 6743 Xanthotype sospeta, 6763 Nacophora quernaria, 
6804 Petrophora subaequaria, 6807 Tacparia detersata, 6812 Homochlodes 
fritillaria, 6841 Plagodis kuetzingi, 7605 Eupithecia ravocostaliata

Saturniidae:  7767 Hyalophora cecropia

Sphingidae: 7786 Ceratomia amyntor, 7802 Sphinx chersis, 7809 Sphinx 
kalmiae, 7810 Sphinx gordius, 7825 Paonias myops, 7828 Pachysphinx modesta, 
7885 Darapsa myron, 7886 Darapsa pholus

Noctuidae: 8499 Metalectra discalis, 8500 Metalectra quadrisignata

Adding UV light has dramatically increased the variety of Sphingidae 
showing up at my door this year.  If I've gone out on a limb on one or two 
of these identifications, please don't hesitate to correct me!


Lynn Scott


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