Walking the straight and narrow

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Martin Bailey wrote:

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>>nice posting.
>>I blame the birds (for habitat change), as far as seed dispersal. The more
> there are, the
>>more there will be.

well, Martin, you rewrote my posting and now I disagree with it totally, 
just as you do.
No, the birds spread seed in pristine wilderness, but most of the real 
habitat change is you and me, brothers.
And the reason they have that seed is that we have put it there, in the 
first place.

Seeds also spread in the guts of reptiles and mammals, and even our 
little friends the ants do considerable planting and tending of plants 
you might rather not see. The melaleuca, for instance, is a favorite of 

We might as well learn to love change, because we *are* change, pure and 
simple. We have some choice as to how we will direct our little planet, 
but we keep being distracted by wars and quarrels and games of "who 
loves the baby best" and we fail ... or perhaps we succeed, depending on 
who's keeping score. There's a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew 
them how we will.
ah well
anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland
and South Florida

> Dear Anne,
> While it is well documented that birds and other beastlies carry seeds from
> one location to another, I don't think that this is what I am observing.  It
> is a change in habitat brought about by European settlement.  Specifically,
> the invasion of "pristine" places by European seeds and new plant root
> systems.


> What was once ain't ever going to return.
> May be we should be promoting a new bio-diversity.  A self-sustaining one
> that is lightly touched by the human hand.
> Martin Bailey,
> greetings from:  Weyburn, SK., Canada.
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