Hickory Hairstreak

Will Cook cwcook at duke.edu
Wed Jul 10 14:47:16 EDT 2002

Cool!  I just saw my first Hickory Hairstreak last weekend (in the North
Carolina mountains) and took some photos --
It's a rare bug in NC, with only a handful of records.  

We also had scores of Banded, a Striped, a White M, a couple of Grays,
and one ultra-cool Early Hairstreak 
( http://www.duke.edu/~cwcook/pix/earlyhairstreak.html )

The trip report is here: http://birdingonthe.net/mailinglists/CARL.html

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jh wrote:
> July 9
> Hi Lepsters -
> I woke up this morning to find a Hickory Hairstreak (Satyrium caryaevorum)
> on my slider.  This is the fifth species of Hairstreak that I've had coming
> to lights.  The light was on in the kitchen last night which is what I
> assume brought it to the door.  The other spp. - Banded (Satyrium calanus),
> Striped (Satyrium liparops, Coral(Satyrium titus) and White M (Parrhasius
> m-album)- have come to my moth light in previous years.  They are moth
> wannabes.
> JH
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