Charaxes identification

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Fri Jul 19 22:40:05 EDT 2002

Hi "SH Khew",

> Both appear to be from the genus Polyura rather than Charaxes.  These are
probably captured/photographed
> from Asian locations.

Yes, they are indeed Asian in origin.  I'll have to look through that genus
as well!

> The first one is probably Polyura eudamippus

Yes, that's definitely it...this photo confirms it for me! -

> and the 2nd one is closest to Polyura schreiber.  I have a shot of the
latter on my website at :
>This one is the Singapore/Malaysian subspecies 'tisamenus', but the verso
shot has the characteristics of the
> one in your photo.

This is definitely similar!

> From the details and variations, your specimen may be a different

That's quite possibly the case, a quick search of the web produced 10(!)
different subspecies:

Polyura schreiber schreiber
P. s. assamensis
P. s. bilarensis
P. s. delicatus
P. s. luzonica
P. s. malayica*
P. s. mizunumai
P. s. praedicta
P. s. tisamenus*
P. s. toshikoe

* not either of these two - they were the only ones I could find images of,
and as you can see from the dorso shot; this subspecies has several white
dots on the forewing as opposed to two.

I guess I'll have to settle for Polyura schrieber spp...

Thanks SK Khew!

> Where did James Cunckle shoot them?

In his possession; they're dried specimens.  A quick check on the envelops
led me to a bit more info; this particular specimen was from South Sulawesi
in Celebes.  Now if I could just figure out which Polyura schrieber
subspecies is native to S. Sulawesi, I'd know what they are!

Matt Pedersen


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