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Dr. James Adams jadams at em.daltonstate.edu
Mon Jul 22 14:30:06 EDT 2002

Hey y'all (am I getting the hang of "Southernese"?),

         Just thought I follow up to my previous message.  Imperial's (as 
Paul suggests) can be common in the south as well, and the emergence of 
them has been decent this year as well.  They usually are slightly behind 
the Royal Walnut Moths (Citheronia regalis), and the flight may actually 
extend into September (regalis is done by mid-August).

         But this has been a *monster* year for C. regalis.  Just the two 
100W bulbs and the blacklights draw several in each night, and you cannot 
stop at a gas station in rural N. Georgia without seeing a couple, even in 
the scorching heat of the mid-afternoon.  They're everywhere!


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