what is this called?

Xi Wang xiwang at sprint.ca
Mon Jul 29 21:54:30 EDT 2002

Hi, the link you put up does not appear to be functional.  However, by your
description, I would guess some sort of hummingbird moth.


donna pirnat wrote:

> Hi!
> I have seen this critter a couple of times in here in Virginia and
> have never been able to find out what it is. It has really fast wings
> like a hummingbird, mouthparts like a butterfly, and black and yellow
> stripes like a bee.  I've never seen one that wasn't in flight. What
> are they called? Where can I find out more about them? Thanks a bunch!
> -Donna
> (the link below shows a picture of one—mislabeled, I think.)
> http://www.geocities.com/cathyandmark_99/Bumble_bee_hummingbird_on_Salvia.jpg


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