[leps-talk] Papilio machaon aliaska

Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX Norbert.Kondla at gems3.gov.bc.ca
Mon Mar 4 12:47:23 EST 2002

thanks to Felix for sharing his views on this topic. I differ however,
insofar as this does inspire confidence in the TC-ISBN because it is being
developed in a very open and transparent manner and the compiler has
requested input to improve the quality of the product which as we all know
will continue to evolve. This is far more credible and far preferable to the
dreadful ATL/Heppner list which was done behind closed doors and without
reference to the excellent published work of both Gatrelle and Sperling.  I
have no confidence in the ATL list and plenty of confidence in the TILS
index with respect to their usefulness. Regardless of what is written or by
whom, there will continue to be differing views on some of these topics.  I
can appreciate that Felix may be disappointed by not having been consulted
directly before the material was posted. It is likely that Harry was at
least equally disappointed when Felix and several other people publicly
rejected Harry's excellent published work on C. idella without consultation
and on the apparent basis of an opinion by one committee member who has done
no research on Celastrina that I am aware of.  I hope that Felix will, if he
has not already done so, propose a revised version of what should go on the



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