Butterflies and Global Unity

MexicoDoug at aol.com MexicoDoug at aol.com
Thu Mar 7 00:40:51 EST 2002

In defence of the Golden State, Leroy's coments were just goober peas, Mark.  
If he is any sort of self respecting Southerner he'll know what sort of 
peculiar nuts those are...

Doug Dawn
Monterrey, Mexico
(if you decide to flame me, do better than Mexican jumping 'beans', please.)

Leroy wrote:

> Holy cow, where did this guy come from. Gotta be California! 
> All the best nuts come from California!

Please - I hope that I will be eulogized as either a Pistachio, an Almond,
or a Cashew - no offense to you Confederates, but I just don't feel like
being compared to a PeeeCan, a PeeeNut, or a WALLnut.  I'd actually prefer
Macademia, but not even a self-absorbing Californian can justify that

Mark Walker


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