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--In Your Garden
    Monarch caterpillars eat milkweeds and milkweeds only. 
To help females 
find places to lay their eggs, start a milkweed nursery 
patch in your garden 
or elsewhere. Natives include: Common Milkweed (Asclepias 
syriaca), Swamp 
Milkweed (A. incarnata), Butterfly Weed (A. tuberosa). 

      Clumps of late-blooming nectar plants will provide a 
refueling stops for southbound migrants next fall: New 
England Aster (Aster 
novae-angliae), New York Aster (A. novi-belgii), Goldenrods 
(Solidago ssp), 
Tickseed Sunflower (Bidens coronata), among others. Monarch 
Watch offers on 
online photo guide to the various milkweed species and a 
propagation guide.

To order native milkweed plants locally:
Wings & Wildfllowers (visit by appointment only)
8619 Hawkins Creamery Road
Gaithersburg  MD 20882
($4 per plant. Profits support forest restoration in 
Mexico's Monarch 
sanctuaries. Supplies limited.)

Order native seed or plants by mail:
    Prairie Moon Nursery (catalog includes cultivation 
    Route 3, Box 1633
    Winona, MN 55987-1362

      Prairie Nursery
      PO Box 306
      Westfield, WI 53964

-- Participate in Citizen Science Research

Monitor Monarch Caterpillars 
Pick a milkweed patch and collect data on its milkweed and 
caterpillars throughout the summer for the University of 
Monarch Larvae Monitoring Project. This year is especially 
important for 
comparison with previous five years. Register and learn 

Volunteer Taggers for Fall Migration
    Monarch Watch is large-scale tag-and-recapture project 
that helps 
determine Monarch's migration patterns and conservation 
needs. To join and 
receive tags, order by May 31. Download order form at

Report Monarch sightings during migrations:
      Northbound (spring) -Journey North,
      Southbound (fall) - Monarch Watch, 

---Donations to Conservation Efforts

Monarch Watch (nonprofit): Ongoing multi-faceted, 
University of Kansas-based 
Monarch education and conservation project: offers tags, 
rearing kits and 
other educational materials. Urgently needs funds to 
purchase recovered tags 
from Mexican peasants in order to quantify winter damage. 
Make checks payable 
to "Monarch Fund." Send to:
      Monarch Watch
      1200 Sunnyside Avenue
      University of Kansas
      Lawrence, KS 66045

    The Monarch Migration Monitoring Project - Employs 
full-time, experienced 
monitor/taggers for six weeks each fall to collect data on 
migrations at 
discreet posts along the East Coast; 
  Sweet Briar College, Monarch Migration Monitoring Project
    c/o Lincoln Brower PhD,  Research Professor of Biology
      Sweet Briar College
      Sweet Briar, VA 24595

The Michoacan Restoration Fund 
A cooperative effort of Mexico, Canada and the United 
States to replace 
oyamel forests within the Mexican sanctuaries. Logging of 
these trees, needed 
by over-wintering monarchs, is the main source of income 
for local peasants.


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