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Sun Mar 10 19:02:08 EST 2002

Chuck Vaughn wrote:

> Paul Cherubini wrote:
>>So this begs the question: Why would conservationists go out of their
>>way to make the world press aware of monarch population declines,
>>but not also want the world know about the monarch population
>>Seems obvious to me that keeping the public frightened and worried
>>about the monarch maximizes the grant / donation income monarch
>>convservation organizations receive.
> Along these same lines there appeared a series of articles in the
> Sacramento Bee in April 2001:
> Chuck <aa6g at>

Reminds me of a headline a colleague wrote: "No one injured in I-95 
The copy chief made quite a fuss about that one.

The sky is falling, we must go and tell the king.

With respect to Bob, I'd rather see people planting nettles ane 
pellitory for the Red Admirables, Cassia and lima beans for the 
sulphurs, Balloon Vine and Nickerbean for the blues and hairstreaks ... 
there are plenty of people planting milkweeds already, and I'm for 
diversity ... that's where peace lies.
I have just been introduced to pellitory; it's that nasty squishy little 
weed that grows all over at this time of year. I will have to stop 
stepping on it, I suppose.
Boy, you should all have been at the Mounts today, by the way, it was a 
great party. Jose Muniz brought a nice assortment of butterflies, 
including two Viceroys, Limenitis archippus, who will comfort the lonely 
one we had hanging about hopefully in our willows. One Gulf Fritillary, 
  Agraulis vanillae, or is it Dione, flew back into the basket four 
times and was handed to four separate children to be released before it 
decided to go seek its fortune elsewhere.
Between his butterflies and Colleen Wiggins' display of a dozen or so 
species, caged, we felt very rich.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida


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