Hairstreak names

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Tue Mar 12 15:02:36 EST 2002

The next section of SC-NABN is moving toward posting.  We will probably
just put up the Coppers and half of the Hairstreaks.  Should be up by
Friday.   When these sections are first posted they are in draft form and
it is very important for anyone with any corrections and/or comments to
utilize the email link to send in feedback.  There is still input needed on
the Swallowtails, Parnassians, Whites, and Sulphurs sections too.

Need info on taxa missing from list (including undescribed populations in
the research pipeline),  misspellings, regional names in use that differ
from ones posted or where none is posted, suggested names, etc.  We get a
number of emails from that link and seldom respond specifically.

Ron Gatrelle

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