Sphingidae information requested: Nebraska

William Oehlke oehlkew at islandtelecom.com
Wed Mar 13 04:38:10 EST 2002

I am putting together a Sphingidae of the Americas website and am looking for help in compiling checklists for each 
state in the United States.
I recognize the great work undertaken by Paul Opler, coordinator of the USGS Moths of the United States website, but 
am also aware, through correspondence with various individuals, that the work is not completely accurate, i.e., there 
are some omissions.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be submitting checklists for verification, additions, deletions, etc., for each of the 
fifty states.
My subject line heading will be "Sphingidae information requested: followed by the individual state name."
Please just delete my messages if they are of no interest to you.
If you can help, please reply by adding names of any species that are not on the list but have been seen by you in the 
respective state.
I am also interested in high quality electronic images of moths, larvae, pupae etc., in natural poses for display on the 
The site will take the general format of my North American Saturniidae site at 
and is designed especially for those who wish to identify found specimens in all stages and for those who wish to rear 
Sphingidae species.
Thanks for your time.
Here is the Nebraska list:

  Pink-spotted hawkmoth (Agrius cingulata) 
  Five-spotted hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata) 
  Carolina sphinx (Manduca sexta) 
  Elm sphinx (Ceratomia amyntor) 
  Waved sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa) 
  Catalpa sphinx (Ceratomia catalpae) 
  Hagen's sphinx (Ceratomia hageni) 
  Plebeian sphinx (Paratrea plebeja) 
  Great ash sphinx (Sphinx chersis) 
  Vashti sphinx (Sphinx vashti) 
  Clemen's sphinx (Sphinx luscitiosa) 
  Wild cherry sphinx (Sphinx drupiferarum) 
  Twin-spotted sphinx (Smerinthus jamaicensis) 
  Blinded sphinx (Paonias excaecata) 
  Small-eyed sphinx (Paonias myops) 
  Walnut sphinx (Amorpha juglandis) 
  Modest sphinx (Pachysphinx modesta) 
  Big poplar sphinx (Pachysphinx occidentalis) 
  Tetrio sphinx (Pseudosphinx tetrio) 
  Ello sphinx (Erinnyis ello) 
  Cramer's sphinx (Erinnyis crameri) 
  Obscure sphinx (Erinnyis obscura) 
  Titan sphinx (Aellopos titan) 
  Hummingbird clearwing (Hemaris thysbe) 
  Snowberry clearwing (Hemaris diffinis) 
  Pandorus sphinx (Eumorpha pandorus) 
  Achemon sphinx (Eumorpha achemon) 
  Vine sphinx (Eumorpha vitis) 
  Abbott's sphinx (Sphecodina abbottii) 
  Lettered sphinx (Deidamia inscriptum) 
  Nessus sphinx (Amphion floridensis) 
  Juanita sphinx (Proserpinus juanita) 
  Virginia creeper sphinx (Darapsa myron) 
  Tersa sphinx (Xylophanes tersa) 
  Bedstraw hawkmoth (Hyles gallii) 
  White-lined sphinx (Hyles lineata) 

Bill Oehlke

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