FW: You evil bastards!

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> Well, first of all, you are evil yourself and hardly a lady, using vulgar
> language over the internet. Second, they are not sweet, they live a life
> in which the goal is to hurry up and mate as quickly as possible before
> being eaten. How many butterflies have you seen which died naturally?
> There hardly are any; virtually all are eaten by something.
> Third, if we do not collect a few specimens, then we will have no idea
> what we are looking at. You cannot study butterfly taxonomy via
> photographs, it doesn't work.
> You need to be educated. First though, you need to outgrow your vulgarity.
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> Subject:	You evil bastards!
> You people are really evil. You take poor sweet innocent butterflies and
> kill them by sticking pins in them.
> You evil cruel bastards!
> Betty Swallocks
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