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Dr. James Adams jadams at em.daltonstate.edu
Fri Mar 15 14:07:38 EST 2002

Ron wrote:

>2) Our photos section at the leps-talk home page is very under utilized.
>One needs a Yahoo ID and password to access all Yahoo sites functions.  The
>ID is not connected with Yahoo-email, nor will it cause you to get spammed.
>It is just a security wall.  Just go to Yahoo Groups
>http://groups.yahoo.com/ and get your ID.  "Help" is in the upper right
>corner of the screen.

For that matter, you can reach even more people by utilizing the "Unknowns" 
page on the Southern Lepidopterists' Society webpage (at 
http://www.southernlepsoc.org).  I'm not asking you not to post on the 
leps-talk page -- by all means, please continue to do so.  I'm just also 
suggesting you make use of another outlet as well, that is also under utilized.


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