You evil bastards!

Dr. James Adams jadams at
Fri Mar 15 14:23:12 EST 2002


         Assuming you are serious, you've already gotten replies that let 
you know that those who collect do *not* kill by sticking pins in the 
butterflies.  I believe that this was not your real point, however.
         If your rather strong remarks were directed at those who kill 
butterflies for study, then several have covered those bases as well.  The 
goal is to learn something about these creatures which allows us to do 
*more* to help them, not less.
         It might help you to know that no pain receptors have been 
identified at all in any insects, so if this is a concern, be reassured.
         As for being evil, when you want to stop driving a car, or for 
that matter walking, both practices which kill far more bugs a year than 
all collectors of all insects combined, then perhaps you'd have more of a 
right to call someone evil.  Heck if you buy food at a grocery store, 
provided by farmers who dramatically altered the environment to grow the 
food; buy anything provided by big business; see a movie, where set 
builders, actors, etc. did any filming in a natural environment, or for 
that matter just watch shows on TV; utilize a heating or cooling system, or 
anything electrical; or for that matter, act as a money-spending consumer 
of *anything*, you are in turn promoting the deaths of innumerable insects 
and other organisms each year.  So get off your high horse for a reality 

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