You evil bastards!

Pierre A Plauzoles sphinxangelorum at
Sat Mar 16 01:21:54 EST 2002

b swallocks wrote:

> You people are really evil. You take poor sweet innocent butterflies
> and kill them by sticking pins in them.
> You evil cruel bastards!

Oh.  What about the butterflies and moths that end up on your radiator,
grille and windshield?  Will I call you an "evil bastard" because you
have killed a regal fritillary or Schaus' swallowtail by driving along
some local interstate highway?  No.  I will not stoop to such low levels
of rudeness.  Aside from that very basic aspect of life in our
civilization's "fast lane" (no kidding -- it is truly fast out there,
especially for the invertebrates, such as butterflies!), I happen to
share Dr Gatrelle's opinion, as, I am sure you are now aware, many
others do.



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