You evil bastards!

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Sat Mar 16 11:06:07 EST 2002


You are sadly mistaken.  Nobody in their right mind would kill butterflies by 
sticking pins in them.  

Butterfly researchers use alcohol!  The same stuff that adults use to knock 
themselves out.  

And gardeners and farmers kill them in their early stages by poisoning their 
caterpillars.  Oh, yes, and birds kill them by tearing them apart with their 
beaks.  Spiders kill them by sucking the juice out of them.  Ants just chew 
them to  Nothing cruel about that?  Sounds to me like the 
scientists are a lot less cruel and evil.  Next time you look into a field 
guide, think of all the "bastards" responsible for bringing this knowledge to 

Thanks for enlightening the world.

Harry Pavulaan 
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