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     Some of you may be interested in the "oldy-mouldies" (as Norbert has 
put it) that are available from the web-site below. I quickly looked 
through it and found at least the texts of Linnaeus (including Systema 
naturae) and J. C. Fabricius (the one who gave many butterflies their 
names), but couldn't find texts of e.g. Huebner (perhaps he didn't publish 
in latin?).


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>A colleague at the Garden, Randy Evans, has stumbled across this website
>(may be some of you already knew it).  Downloadable at
>http://eee.uci.edu/~papyri/bibliography is practically every significant
>historic text published in Latin since the 14th century.  This includes, for
>example, all things Linnaeus (e.g., Species Plantarum), HBK ( e.g., Nova
>Genera & Species Plantarum), De Candolle (e.g, the entire Prodromus),
>Martius (e.g, the entire Flora Brasiliensis), and such pre-Linnaean name
>sources as Tourneforte's "Institutiones rei herbariae."
>Carmen Ulloa Ulloa

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