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Mon Mar 25 07:20:48 EST 2002

On Saturday 16 March 2002 08:52 pm, Woody Woods wrote:
> Consulting the oracle (Google), I find that Betty Swallocks, apart from
> frequent appearances as a blue joke, is also a rock band, a comic strip
> and (this last apparently for real) an Olympic rower (1936, probably
> retired now).
> Betty, whichever one you are, I happen to be rather fond of both plants
> and animals, and feel that you especially should give up eating either
> in any form...
> Save the Cheerios!
> Woody

The Olympic rower bit is another British Joke. This is what  the  website 
concerned says.

"Ex Olympic Oarswoman, Betty Swallocks OBE, rowed in the GB
 Coxed four in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but was disqualified for making the 
Germans look feminine. After that, with the aid of some
 strong packing tape, a banana and a couple of sprouts, she rowed in the 
Men's heavyweight eight achieving success at the
 commonwealth games two years later."

Woody deserves congratulating for having the sense to look on Google first
before responding. I guess though being American He didn't quite follow what 
the name means. There is apparently a British man who has it on his Car 
licence plate!

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