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Andrew Warren warrena at
Sat Mar 30 01:08:32 EST 2002

But Mike, I thought they were the correct, official common names since
they are being presented to us by TILS (a panel of true scientific

C'mon, don't pick on Gatrelle, he is THE EXPERT on North American
butterflies!  If he chooses a certain common name to post on his website,
well then we all ought to use it!!!  He is spending hard earned money
on all of this, so it is unfair to slander and criticize hin and TILS like
this.  Gee, how mean of you.  


On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Mike Quinn wrote:

> Ron, Most people on this list probably know that I regularly give offerings
> at the alter of common names, but I gotta tell ya that I truly believe that
> your efforts to put common names on subspecies is basically a waste of
> time... Mike Quinn
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> The "final" version of the Swallowtails/Parnassians and Whites/Sulphurs
> sections on the SC-NABN have been loaded (
> ).
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