Kathy Reinertsen bfly4u at
Sun Mar 31 15:18:32 EST 2002

(1)  Phase I tag recoveries will be reported on the IBBA website once
the information is returned, as these were Monarch Watch tags.

(2)  The Phase II IBBA tagging program activities will end on August 1,
2002.  As per Dr. Chip Taylor's schedule, by ending the tagging before
August 15 above 42 degrees (middle Iowa) or September 5 at 39 degrees
(Lawrence, KS) chances are none of the butterflies will migrate to

(3)  The IBBA program does not compete or conflict with Monarch Watch
tagging program.

(4)  If you have questions or need further information, please see the
IBBA tagging program description on or contact
Ed Reinertsen.

Thank You
Ed Reinertsen


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