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No, No!  You're in the box.  NABA is standing outside.  There is no easy
solution to fix what NABA has done at the touch of a fingertip, though.  cb
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I`ve decided to change my Butterflies of North Carolina web site to include
the scientific names of  butterflies used my most Lepidopterists today. The
web site currently contains NABA s  common and scientific names. I`ve found
the common names useful yet the NABA scientific names to be insufficient to
put it politely.

Anyway I`m asking if anyone here has a easy source or web site where I can
add (cut and paste) the correct scientific names to the web site which
covers all of North Carolina`s 169 butterfly species. This will take some
time to redo some 140 butterfly pages.

Always thinking outside the box......

Randy Emmitt
Rougemont, NC

Randy Emmitt Photography



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