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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Fri Nov 8 05:20:45 EST 2002

Yes, the google images function is very nice.  We receive a number of
visitors at the TILS type specimens photo library from this specific
function.  Of course, we one has to type in the scientific name as we do
not use common names at that part of our site.

Type these in  and check out

Papilio joanae
Pterourus troilus
Pterourus troilus fakahatcheensis

Celastrina idella
Celastrina neglectamajor
Brephidium isophthalma insularus
Satyrium liparops
Satyrium liparops floridensis
Satyrium edwardsii meridionale
Deciduphagus henrici margaretae
Deciduphagus henrici yahwehus
Deciduphagus henrici viridissima
Mitoura grynea grynea
Mitoura grynea sweadneri
Mitoura grynea smilacis
Ahlbergia hsui

Euphyes bayensis
Euphyes bimacua arbogasti
Hesperia attalus nigrescens
Poanes aaroni minimus
Poanes aaroni bordeloni
Megathymus cofaqui cofaqui
Megathymus cofaqui slotteni

Speyeria aphrodite aphrodite
Speyeria aphrodite cullasaja
Chlosyne ismeria ismeria

many more


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