Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at
Sat Nov 9 00:43:57 EST 2002

Just a thought that I do not expect to be answered: Could this dilemma
be a symptom of the failure of taxonomists to have a valid species
concept to guide their work? I think so. Taxonomists base
classifications on similarities and dissimilarities without regard to
evolutionary considerations. As a result, there will always be cases,
such as the one currently being discussed, where taxonomic
classifications are discordant with the reality of evolutionary
lineages, i.e., species in two different genera (the taxonomic
classification) hybridize (an indication of the evolutionary lineage).
In this context, it seems the value of taxonomic work is lessened if
there is not a valid species concept underlying it.


Bill Yule wrote:
> Hi all.
>    I think Chris brings up a good point: If two entities can hybridize in
> the wild is that in itself sufficient to consider them congeneric?


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