Cynthia, Hybrids and Genera.

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Mon Nov 11 02:33:48 EST 2002

>  Bill Yule <droberts03 at SNET.Net> wrote:
The names may change, evolve, morph, contract, whatever, (and we have
invented that other tool the Rules of Nomenclature to guide us) but we
humans do seem to need to name things.

Has anyone ever tried to find out why this is - our _need_ to name
(delineate) things?  Somebody probably has.  This is a universal "instinct"
that is not suppressible in humanity - just like the Monarch's need
(programming) to migrate.  Not only are we that unique entity on the planet
compelled to name stuff - but we act as one entity (via _our_
international rules of scientific terms) in that what ever we name it, that
is what it is.  Interesting.

Ron Gatrelle


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