Peer Review---does it work?

Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at
Tue Nov 12 19:41:19 EST 2002

I wonder if this inefficient system will eventually be forced to change.
At the fast pace things move now, it seems that a two year turn around
would make most research results outdated. In a narrow field of amateur
astronomy, spectroscopy for example, one amateur ended up telling the
publisher (if I recall this correctly) he didn't care if the paper got
published (his prime motivation was _not_ to chalk up a research paper)
because things are moving so fast in this field that it had moved beyond
what he had to contribute a year ago. 


Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> system simply has imperfections, and for some journals the imperfections run to very
> long review times----a year to get back your manuscript for revision and another
> year to see it published (assuming you still remember what you wanted to say a year
> ago.


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