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Hi Mike,

Thanks for letting me know about all of this good fortune in the valley.

Your two copies of the new Opler-Warren scientific names list are packed and will be mailed out tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Warm wishes,


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>It turns out that there are other lepidopterists sharing this good fortune,
>and I anxiously await their reports as well.
>Mark, See Derek Muschalek's Lower Rio Grande Valley report from Hidalgo Co.
>(immediately to the west of Cameron Co.) More info on the following species
>and locations can be found here:
>South Texas Butterfly Pictures and Profiles
>South Texas Butterfly Hotspots
>Mike Quinn
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>Subject: Flying in Rio Grande Valley on Nov. 11, 12,& 13
>Here is a run down of just a few butterflies currently in the RGV.
>Giant White(Ganyra josephina)common all areas including 14 at Santa Ana.
>Mexican Yellow(Eurema mexicana)singles at many locations.
>Great Purple Hairstreak(Atlides halesus) 5 at Santa Ana and one at Mission
>                                                           West Rv Park.
>Silver-banded Hairstreak(Chlorostrymon simaethis)one at Pintail Lake
>Clytie Ministreak(Ministrymon clytie)4 at Pintail Lake(Santa Ana)
>Malachite(Siproeta stelenes)2 on oranges in campsite#19 at Bentsen,two in
>                                           Santa Ana main garden
>Ruddy Daggerwing(Marpesia petreus)one at Valley Nature Center
>Common Mestra(Mestra amymone)290 at Santa Ana
>Guava Skipper(Phocides palemon)one at Golden Raintree Gardens in Weslaco
>                                                  one at Valley Nature
>Gold-spotted Aguna(Aguna asander)one at Mission West RV PArk
>                                                   12 at 4:30pm!!!!! WHAT A
>Potrillo Skipper(Cabares potrillo)4 at Santa Ana
>Glazed Pellicia(Pellicia arina)a whopping 8 at Santa Ana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>HERMIT SKIPPER(Grais stigmaticus)one at Santa Ana main garden
>Brown-banded Skipper(Timochares ruptifasciatus)one at Valley Nature Center
>Zilpa Longtail(Chioides zilpa)one at Valley Nature Center on 11/13.
>Fawn-spotted Skipper(Cymaenes odilia)many,up to 75+ at Golden Raintree
>                                                         Gardens in Weslaco
>Olive-clouded Skipper(Lerodea dysaules)4 at Golden Raintree Gardens,one at
>                                                             Valley Nature
>Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak(Strymon bazochii)one at Golden Raintree Gardens on
>                                                                  11/11/02
>                                      Chilling in Dewitt,Derek
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