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The spider looks to be a close relative, probably in the same genus, as the
North American Argiope aurantia.  Can you give an indication of its size?  I
see in the photo another spider that would appear to be the same species
that is out of focus.  Is that in the same web or another web?

A quick Google search led me to this researcher's web page:
Ms. Craig may be able to recognize the very singular web design used by the
species in the photo.

You will find several Arachnid lists at this page maintained by the
International Society of Arachnology.
I see there is one focused on Latin American species.


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> Folks,
> Thanks to those who responded to my request, shown below.  I have a
> last couple of questions.
>    1. One of the three leaf miners was identified (C, poplar
> serpentine leafminer, Phyllocnistis populiella), but no one said
> anything about the other two.  Any suggestions about who else to ask
> for these?  (narrowing the possibilities if not getting the species)
>    2. The caterpillars (D) were identified as either Eastern Tent or
> Forest Tent caterpillars, Malacosoma americana or disstria, but there
> is no mid-dorsal stripe - just paired lateral white spots - so I'm
> not sure that these ID's are correct.  Any further comments?  Sorry
> the picture isn't better, but you can make out the dorsal pattern..
>    3. Does anyone know a spider list I could ask about the spider?  It
> is from the Caribbean, which may complicate matters a little.
> The moth was pegged as a male gypsy moth.  Sigh; guess I should have
> gotten that.
> Thanks for responses and help.
> Ernest Williams
> Clinton, NY
> >Lep folks and friends,
> >
> >I have posted pictures of some unknowns
> >
> >   1 moth
> >   1 mass of caterpillars
> >   1 spider
> >   3 leaf miners (their mines)
> >
> >and would very much appreciate some help in identifying them.
> >
> >'03.html
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Ernest Williams
> >Clinton, NY
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