illustrations as types

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Fri Feb 7 05:05:42 EST 2003

I initiated a thread on the iczn Commissions list serve about illustrations
as types.  That thread has veered in and out of other related issues with
typification, but has be very educational.  I am about to go into this and
also forward various messages to the Leps-Talk group.  I wanted to let
those here know that in case they wanted to subscribe and get in on that.
The archives of that Yahoo group are only available to members.  There is
heavy traffic on that list but one has the option to only get a "daily
digest" - one big email a day.  In Jan. there were

The best way to subscribe is to go to and in the
window that says "join a group" copy and paste:    TILS-leps-talk .   It
will walk you through.  Get the ID/password so you can access the archives
and photos. Be sure and check all preferences to NO.



   For subscription and related information about LEPS-L visit: 

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