Polygonia interrogationis, Question on forms?

Randy Emmitt birdcr at concentric.net
Wed Feb 12 16:27:26 EST 2003


I have a question about summer  and fall form P. interrogationis is this 
always the case that these forms are brooded in summer (black) then later 
fall (black) comes into play? Do the broods mix emergence?

I have a photo of what I take to be a super fresh summer form that was 
taken on October 2. I have another that was taken (both dorsal and ventral) 
of a February 20 fall (orange) form and the ventral photo appears very much 
to be a faded summer form, yet the dorsal photo very clearly shows it to be 
fall form.

I pulled from my files 10 completely different ventral photos of fall form. 
I plan on having 6 of them on my upcoming CD.

See the ventral photo of a fall (black) form at
http://www.rlephoto.com/butterflies/question_mark01.html labeled slide 
#10418 this is exactly what the October 2 ventral photo looks like except 
the edges has a violet cast on them from being so fresh.

Randy Emmitt
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