Tony Thomas mothman at
Wed Feb 19 13:48:49 EST 2003

Hank, John et al.:

         I can second one of John's recommendations: don't go in February 
for leps. I spent 1 week at Asa Wright (30 Jan-6 Feb) and probably saw a 
dozen butterflies, one or two were the same individuals! There are several 
MV "street" lights at the centre that attracted maybe 3 moths total, one of 
these, a huge Sphingid, made the mistake of flying around the light and not 
settling. It lasted perhaps 20 secs when some monstrous bat swooped out of 
the darkness and it was gone forever.
         The weather, however, was fantastic. No rain and temps. in the 
90's (for USA readers), mid-30's for Canadians. Although I'm not a birder, 
the bird diversity seemed good. Only 1 orchid was in flower.

         I was told that the butterflies emerge after the start of the 
rainy season in May/June.

At 01:16 PM 2/19/03 -0500, JH wrote:
>I've always gone in early to mid October, where you are in the "petite
>careme" - a break in the rainy season.  The rainy season carries the most
>diversity, and the break allows you to be afield without your equipment
>getting soaked. Avoid the dry season betwwen January and April.


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