leps-list not dead, but sleeping

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Wed Jul 9 07:50:06 EDT 2003

Hi Anne, good luck with the nettles.
Butterflies in New Jersey are beginning to bounce back after record cold in
April-June and the rainiest June on record.
Lots of lush foliage, but the flowering was delayed approximately two weeks.

Global Climate Change is supposed to give us extreme oscillations in
weather, and seems to be doing just that.

After getting burned a few times because people received the same message
from both lists, I gradually withdrew.
Too bad, because the two lists are not congruent.

Mike Gochfeld

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> I received four answers to my query, and none posted to the list. Seems
> to me that, if we want this list to survive, we need to use it more.
> Ron's TILS list is fine, and I'm a regular there, but some of you do not
> post to both lists.
> At the time that UK-Leps split off, I feared that it would greatly
> reduce our activity, and indeed it did. That's a very lively list, with
> much local interest.
> I like the internationality of Leps list.
> Once TILS started their list, with a freedom to bicker, talk about God,
> and pursue minutiae of taxons beyond the sub-species ... it drew off
> considerable of our heat and fire. What, after all, does leps list offer
> that TILS Leps-Talk does not also provide?
> Brightness falls from the air, Queens have died young and fair, dust
> hath closed Helen's eye ...
> The people who responded to my query are all subscribed to TILS as well.
> I have a sentimental fondness for the leps list, but see no reason to
> keep it on life support if it's no longer needed.
> I throw this thought out in hopes that all of you will leap to its
> defence. On list, not in private.
> Today I will put on plate armor and go chop nettles, in hopes that my
> arthritis will let up a bit. Nobody has been eating them, and new, fresh
> nettles must be provided for the second brood.
> Ow.
> Anne Kilmer
> Mayo, Ireland
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