Global warming (was: leps-list sleeping)

Stanley A. Gorodenski stan_gorodenski at
Wed Jul 9 20:00:39 EDT 2003

Chuck Vaughn wrote:

> As the climate models (still in their infancy) mature, the predictions
> for future warming become less and less. The human contribution, if
> any, is not likely to be more than a few tenths of a degree.
> Finally, a recent review of 240 studies on the climate of the 20th
> century:
> Analysis Finds Twentieth Century Climate Unremarkable

I looked at one study in your suggested web site. It appeared to be pretty
simplistic. The authors did not attempt to ferret out the _causes_ of the
current warming trend. This was ignored. The idea seemed to be that because
it's been warmer in the past and because the current temperatures are not
unusual compared to geologic history temperatures, then (quite a leap to get
to here) the current global warming trend is not human caused. However, it is
when researchers attempt to determine the causes of the current trend that
many conclude it is human caused.


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