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stan_gorodenski at asualumni.org (Stanley A. Gorodenski) wrote in message news:<3F0C903B.FA625D68 at asualumni.org>...
> Mark Walker wrote:
> > Anyway, my post was principally a question.  Is the planet warming?  If so,
> > is this due to a normal cycle, or is it (as has been suggested by scientists
> > AND media AND lobbyists) the result of human habitation effects?
> To answer your question, it is the result of human habitation effects, without
> doubt. This comes from a number of recent research studies that have supported
> what had been seen in earlier studies.
> Stan

Yes, the planet is warming. Even the oil industry lobby, whose dodgy
propaganda we have seen being represented as science here, is now
having to accept that.
If you want a well researched butterfly example here is one.
Incidentally this is a very impressive list of scientists. There is
more than one big cheese amongst them. ;-)

Parmesan, C., Ryrholm, N., Stefanescu, C., Hill, J.K., Thomas, C.D.,
Descimon, H., Huntley, B., Kaila, L., Kullberg, J., Tammaru, T.,
Tennent, W.J., Thomas, J.A. and Warren, M.  1999.  Poleward shifts in
geographical ranges of butterfly species associated with regional
warming.  Nature 399: 579-583.

Yes, it is caused by people the overwheming scientific consensus is
that it is so.

People lobby for all sorts of things. The thing to do is to study the
science and then use logic to put it together. I am not anti-american
as people who watch my postings carfully will know I vacation in the
USA very often. However I do feel that some americans are really quite
out of step with what the rest of the world thinks. Most of the rest
of the world agrees with the scientific consenus probably because
there aren't the industry sponsored organisations with phoney names
that misrepresent their purpose.

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