Global warming (was: leps-list sleeping)

Jorge Bizarro jbizarro at
Fri Jul 11 09:55:00 EDT 2003

I think we're having a communication problem::

Both sides may be right in some way... however, there is one particular
thought that that has been around my head for some time.

1)It's a fact that around the world tropical forests are burned and cut
down. They are being converted to pasture or scrubby landscape. West Africa
has no longer continuous forest (see maps on IUNC Atlases on tropical
Forests). South east Asia is also in a mess in that respect. deforestation
in Brazilian Amazon soared to 40% rate the in 2003 to plantations of Soya

2) Of course it's also known that pasture biomass, perspiration, etc,  is
almost nothing compared to tropical mature forest with 3 or more layers of

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