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> Chuck,
> If you could point to a study where those publishing it don't have a
> political ax to grind then your statements would hold a lot more
> water. The Cato Institute is not just interested in science but in
> pushing its libertarian agenda. In other words, if you think that the
> "liberal media" - the folks that the Bush Administration just
> loosened regulations for, where the publishers in all but a few rare
> cases are wealthy Republicans - if you think the media paints a
> distorted picture of global warming, you cannot believe that a purely
> political organization like the Cato Institute is not biased.
> Rob

I would be a lot happier if all sides in all academic "wars" would simply
acknowledge that they might just have their judgment a tiny bit warped by
the personal beliefs they were taught.  To me, it is a fact of life that
the biggest fools are educated ones.  Religion is my field, and the common
description of a seminary is:  "A place open minded people are sent to to
get their minds closed."   Or, "A seminary is where one goes to learn the
art of explaining away the belief's of others."  Note that in this last one
_nothing_ is actually learned, except how to explain away everything else
held by everyone else.   Now, even though all the preachers I know and
their denominations would say "amen" to the above, they still build
seminaries and require all prospective clergy to attend.  Why?  The answer
is easy, of course.  The above is true - of everyone else.  They, on the
other hand, really are right.

Of course the Republicans and their programs are not to be trusted as they
are a bunch of greedy, kill old people, raciest, homophobic, idiots - the
party of the rich (just ask any Democrat).    Of course the Democrats are
not to be trusted as they really are a bunch of covert communists,
environmental liars, social perverts - the party of elitism (just ask any
Republican).   No, all are under the same banner and work for the same
boss - the world's industrial military complex which is all working for
Satan and the soon to come mark of the beast.  (Of course this last
position is absolute truth - it has to be, as its mine.)

Email can not deprogram any zealot.  Only death can do that - totally
unplug it from the Matrix.  A mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste -
and more are "wasted" by so called higher education than by sniffin glue.

Now, let's get back to the purpose of this list and talk about the
prescribed stuff.  I think the problem with the lepster world today is that
it has become infested with those darn birders, watchers, collectors,
NABAites, Lep. Soceers, tramplers, traders, and dragon fly people.  Now
there's some truth.


PS  Or, we could discuss the pros and cons of double posting.

PPS.  Way off topic, but while I was out today I saw a Palamedes
Swallowtail at Lantana in someone's yard.  I realized that that is the
first one I have seen all year in our urban area. Later I saw a female
Tiger Swallowtail (P. glaucus) in my yard.  Leps have been way down in
numbers here all year.  Yesterday, I was lucky to find just one P. tharos
(Pearl Crescent) male in my weed garden (Wildflower patch to me - weeds to
wife and neighbors).


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