Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sat Jul 12 03:15:57 EDT 2003

I let enough time go by from my last post and also put a new title on this
one to help make a point. My past post was testy and sarcastic, but....  I
intentionally ended with this.

"...Yesterday, I was lucky to find just one P. tharos (Pearl Crescent) male
in my weed garden (Wildflower patch to me - weeds to wife and neighbors)."

I wonder how many here consider themselves as real thinkers but missed what
I did.  I appeared to leave the main subject and went into familiar
territory about butterflies.  But my last bit about "wildflower patch" and
"weeds" was but a purposeful continuation of my point -- the subjectivity
and _prejudice_ of humans to see what they have been _taught_ to see.   All
look at the exact same data: same weather patterns or same plot of
vegetation, BUT some see humanity induced global warming or natural courses
of weather,  or  wild flowers to keep or weeds to get rid of.

Humans are not as pragmatically objective and cognitive (smart) as we think
we are.  "Education" can also be rightly called brain washing.   It is my
view that basically all people think the way they do because of the way
they have been taught to believe about the world around them - flowers or
weeds, conservative or liberal, religious or non, collectors or watchers -
its all stupid.  We are stupid because in any given debate half are wrong
about being right.

Here is a good saying worth remembering.  If what I know met what I don't
know, what I know would be highly embarrassed.   Agreeing to disagree is
often the smartest thing people do.

Ron Gatrelle


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