Global Warming

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Sat Jul 12 17:34:28 EDT 2003

Paul Cherubini wrote:

> University scientists, environmental interests and regulatory agencies
> stand to acquire alot of career enhancing money from industry and
> agriculture if they can demonstrate the alledged human contribution
> to global warming is very substantial and seriously threatening.

Stanley A. Gorodenski wrote: 

> I do not think your statement holds much water, at least with respect to
> university scientists. The small pot of money scientists use for research
> is allocated by Congress and the executive branch, and the purpose to
> which this money is to be used normally has strict guidelines. There is
> generally no great monetary incentive for university scientists to lie
> because of the small amount of money involved, and if they do lie (i.e.,
> falsify results) it could negatively impact on their ability to get future
> grants. 

Stan, what I'm talking about is that environmental scientists stand 
to acquire alot of career enhancing money from industry and agriculture
if they can convince Congress that new taxes must be imposed on
industry and agriculture to fund the new research they wish to conduct 
on global warming and global warming solutions.   

Example#1: The other day I mentioned how the New Zealand government
was imposing a livestock farting and belching tax on farmers
to "fund a new Agriculture Emissions Research body to meet 
commitments to the Kyoto Protocol global environment agreement."

Example #2:  The Union of Concerned Scientists is urging Congress
to start funding new research on renewable energy or advanced vehicle 
"Vigorous support for research and development is critical to
achieving practical [global warming] solutions. Yet, we invest far more in 
subsidies for the fossil fuel and nuclear industries today than on R&D for
renewable energy or advanced vehicle technologies. For instance,
Congress appropriated $736 million for fossil fuel research and $667
million for nuclear research in 2001, but only $376 million for all
renewable energy technologies combined."

Paul Cherubini


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