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Apparently you are in favor of better regulation,  smarter regulation. 
Who can argue with that? So what are you going to do to get it?

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Paul Cherubini wrote:

>Patrick Foley wrote:
>>But I will vote for
>>higher energy taxes, family planning, international cooperation and
>>environmental protection. Will you?
>Not likely. I feel there is already too much waste and inefficiency
>in government programs to justify even more taxes.  Take the issue
>of food labeling. Countless millions of dollars have been spent by 
>food companies over the years to meet the government requirement
>to provide labels that provide standardized health and nutrition information.
>But did this government requirement really benefit public health?  Not really, 
>because the labels misled the public into thinking low fat diet 
>foods were healthy when in reality they were loaded with trans fats that 
>aggravated blood cholesterol levels the same or more than saturated animal
>fat. And despite all  the money spent on labeling, people are fatter than ever.
>Or take the issue of automotive air pollution.  Taxpayer dollars support
>big government bureacracies like the California Air Resources Board
>which has always focused its efforts on new car emission standards while
>largely ignoring the real underlying cause of serious air pollution: improperly
>tuned and maintained existing cars with about 75,000 miles or more.
>The auto emission standards in place 28 years ago would be adequate to 
>eliminate serious air pollution, because a properly tuned 1975 automobile 
>with a fresh catalytic converter puts out near zero hydrocarbon and carbon 
>monoxide emissions*. So instead of creating a bureacracy staffed with 
>6 figure administrators, taxpayers dollars could have been more directly 
>spent on air pollution solutions like a subsidy to car makers who could offer 
>car owners free tune ups after the first 75,000 miles plus a new catalytic 
>converter if needed to maintain near zero emissions.
>*In case you don't believe this claim, here is a photo of a smog test
>I had done on a 1976 Toyota pickup with 148,000 miles and 
>a fairly new catalytic converter -
>zero detectable HC and CO emissions in the 2500 rpm test!
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