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Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Sun Jul 27 13:58:56 EDT 2003

Charles Leck and many observers reported a Queen Butterfly from Assunpink
Wildlife Management Area (central NJ) on July 20, 2003.
The butterfly was nectaring at Dogbane and was observed and apparently
photographed for many minutes.  I have tried to track down one of these
photographs for the list.

This is probably the second record for NJ.  Interestingly none of the
"regular"strays from the south (Cloudless Sulfur, Little Yellow, Variegated
Fritillary,Fiery Skipper) have appeared yet in NJ.   Moreover, the huge numbers
of Sachems that built up after the last three mild winters, were obliterated in
the winter of 2002-2003, but are just now starting to appear in southern NJ.

Mike Gochfeld


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