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Nathan Schiff nschiff at
Tue Jul 29 15:09:33 EDT 2003

Howdy All,  I need to rear some species of saturniids for a genetics
study and I am running a light in the Stoneville woods near Leland in the
Delta region of Mississippi.  I am catching Lunas and polyphemus but I
also need Eacles and Citheronia.  It strikes me that I have never
collected Eacles and Citheronia in the Delta.  Since the Citheroniids
pupate in the soil and the soil is flooded overwinter here, I wonder if
Eacles and Citheronia dont really overwinter here.  Does anybody have
records for Eacles and Citheronia in the Delta.  I would be interested in
comments about Citheroniid distribution limited by soil.  Also, if anyone
can spare a gravid female or some ova I would appreciate it.  Finally I
will look for Hemileuca in the fall.  If anyone knows a good location
near Leland please let me know.  Thanks for your help.  Nathan


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