Photos of Cuculliinae species

Lynn Scott lynnscott at
Sun Jun 8 16:51:13 EDT 2003

Today I've posted an update to my Ottawa (Canada) moth web pages, adding 
illustrations of 18 more species of Cuculliinae to the Noctuidae section:

Xylena nupera, Xylena curvimacula, Homoglaea hircina, Lithophane semiusta, 
Lithophane bethunei, Lithophane disposita, Lithophane oriunda, Lithophane 
fagina, Lithophane pexata, Pyreferra citromba, Pyreferra pettiti, Feralia 
jocosa, Feralia major, Feralia comstocki, Psaphida rolandi, Psaphida 
resumens, Copivaleria grotei and Calophasia lunula.

I've also updated the pages for Psaphida electilis and Psaphida styracis 
with new photos and text.


Lynn Scott


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