Silver-spotted Ghost Moth

John jhimmel at
Mon Jun 23 11:22:48 EDT 2003

'mornin - 

I came across Sthenopis argenteomaculatus (Silver-spotted Ghost Moth) in my
yard last night and while photographing it noticed it secreting a deep red
fluid at the base of the wings. Not a lot, just a tiny bit.  You can see the
red area where the wing joins the thorax at  This
seemed to happen when I disturbed it and I wonder if anyone knows of these
insects doing this as a taste avoidance defense.  I can find no mention of
this behavior anywhere, but I'm sure if it occurs, someone out there knows
about it.

I've seen and photographed Ecpantheria scribonia (Giant Leopard Moths) doing
this as well (liquid was amber).  

Anyway - was thrilled to see a Ghost Moth in my yard - only the third time!

Best -


John Himmelman
Killingworth, CT
jhimmel at

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