guidebook suggestions?

Will Cook cwcook at
Tue Mar 4 17:13:31 EST 2003

williamd wrote:
> Just wondering what others use? I've been a birdwatcher for awhile, but
> find my interests branching out. Would like to pick up something that
> will help me learn ids, families, etc before Spring. Also, any
> suggestions for websites?

If you're in the US, the best books for butterflying birders are the new 
Kaufman Focus Guide: Butterflies of North America 
( and Jeff Glassberg's Butterflies 
Through Binoculars series (

Good starting points for web sites include:

Butterflies of North America


The International Lepidoptera Survey

North American Butterfly Association (NABA)

And there are a bunch more links here:
(use this mirror if the dmoz site is slow: )


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